Transfers and Revisions


A ‘transfer of registration’ gives consideration for persons who have migrated internally (within country) and desire to vote in the constituency where they now live.

Transfer of Voter Registration

Transfer of voter registration refers to the moving of an elector’s registration from one polling division to another, whether within the same constituency or in another constituency.

Individuals who have changed their address since registering to vote are required to have their registration transferred to the new polling division in which they now reside. When this process is complete, the elector’s new home address will be recorded on the voters’ list. The elector’s name is never removed from the list.

The transfer process is simple. It requires that the elector visits the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) constituency office where they currently live and apply for a transfer of registration.


Timeline for transfers

After applying for the transfer, there is a three (3) month waiting period before processing takes place. A team from the Electoral Office, accompanied by scrutineers representing the political parties, then visits the elector’s residence to verify the new address.

After successful processing, the elector’s name will then be published on the voters’ list in the new polling division.

There is a cut-off period for applying for a transfer of registration. It is as follows:

  • June 30 for the list to be published on November 30 of the same year; and
  • December 31 for the list to be published on May 31 of the following year.