September 30 deadline to register for Voters’ List

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The deadline to register for the next Voters’ List is Thursday September 30. The list is scheduled to be published on November 30, 2021.

Persons intending to have their name added to the Voters’ List must apply in person at any Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) constituency office. Individuals who register after September 30 will have to wait to be added to the May 31, 2022 list.

The registration process is simple, convenient and free. Individuals interested in applying for registration are asked to visit any EOJ constituency office to have their application completed. Following the application process, the registrant should expect their residence to be verified to complete the application process.

Electors who meet the September 30 deadline should expect to receive the newly designed Voter Identification card by mid-December. Registered electors who have not yet applied for a renewal are encouraged to do so, as the current voter ID card expires December 31, 2021.

We are also advising individuals who are already registered to vote, not to re-apply. The EOJ, however, is encouraging registered electors who have changed their address to visit the EOJ constituency office where they live and apply for a transfer of registration.

To be eligible for registration you must be a Jamaican or Commonwealth citizen, at least 18 years of age, and must be ordinarily resident in Jamaica for at least 12 months prior to registration.


All visitors to the EOJ offices are required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth, sanitize upon entering offices and observe physical distancing as outlined by the Government of Jamaica.



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