September 30 deadline to register for next Voters’ List

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The deadline to register for the next Voters’ List is Friday, September 30. The list is scheduled to be published on November 30, 2022.

Individuals intending to become registered electors must apply in person at any Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) constituency office. Applicants are advised to wear only bright or dark-coloured clothing (no white or light colours) to have their photograph taken. Following the in-office application, the applicant will be visited by a team from the EOJ to have his/her residence verified to complete the application process.

Electors who meet the September 30 deadline should expect to receive their Voter Identification card by mid-December. Individuals who register after September 30 will have to wait to be added to the May 31, 2023 list.

There is no cost to apply for Voter Registration.

Individuals who are already registered to vote should not re-apply.

To be eligible for registration you must be a Jamaican or Commonwealth citizen, at least 18 years of age, and must be ordinarily resident in Jamaica for at least 12 months prior to registration.

The EOJ is also advising that scores of electors have not collected their Voter ID card. The entity is therefore reminding individuals who renewed their Voter ID card to collect it from the pick-up location as soon as the card is ready.

The Voters’ List is updated and published twice per year – May 31 and November 30. Over 29,000 names were added to the Voters’ List published on May 31 this year.



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