Response to Same Name, Twice on Voters’ List

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) has been advised of concerns in the public space concerning the same name of electors appearing on the voters’ list twice, in particular two electors by the name of Robert Nesta Morgan.

The ECJ’s investigations revealed that they are two separate persons with different registration date, different date of birth, address, marital status and different mother and father. Also the cross-matching of both individuals’ fingerprints revealed that they are separate persons.

We ask that the public desist from spreading inaccurate information in the public sphere and seek to assure the public that the registration process of the Electoral Office of Jamaica is a comprehensive one that includes the vigorous cross-matching of fingerprints to ensure that duplications do not occur in our database.

The mandate of the Electoral Office of Jamaica continues (EOJ) to focus on ensuring the transparency of the electoral procedures and ensuring that one man has the right to one vote and the same man, the same vote.

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