Forty-one percent turnout for special services voters

KINGSTON, Jamaica; The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) on Saturday, November 26, completed the sorting of ballots for special services voting for the Local Government Elections. The sorting of these ballots indicates that 41 percent of the total police, military and Election Day worker voting population cast their ballots at 329 polling stations island-wide on Friday, November 25. This compares to a special services voter turnout of 63 percent in the recent General Election.

Of the 38, 877 special services personnel, 15,849 voted as shown in the results table below:

Orrette Fisher, Director of Elections said that the voting process went smoothly yesterday.

“All polling stations opened as scheduled at 8 a.m. and we did not receive any reports of any negative incidences related to or affecting the polling. Reports from the supervisors of several polling stations indicated from early in the day that voting was progressing slowly but smoothly,” he said.
Voting for police, military and Election Day workers takes place three days before the rest of the population. Special service voters’ ballots are placed in specially marked individual envelopes which are then sorted the night after the election and will be counted on Election Day along with the ballots cast by civilian non-Election Day workers. While the Electoral Office has determined how many ballots have been received, there is no indication of how the electors have voted as the envelopes remain sealed until the counting on Election Day.

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