ECJ Mourns Passing of Troy Caine

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Electoral Commission of Jamaica is saddened by the passing of Troy Caine – an outstanding and distinguished commentator, columnist and political historian par excellence. Jamaica has truly lost a political doyen and patriot who served his country well through his numerous contributions.


As we reflect on his life, we embrace his invaluable contribution to the Electoral Advisory Committee (EAC), now Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ), and the advancement of the electoral system. His knowledge about Jamaica’s political history was remarkable; he was as a human repository of information, replete with knowledge of Jamaica’s electoral past. We have called on Mr. Caine on many occasions, and were always pleased at how effortlessly he could relate information requested of him and provide context for particular data and statistics presented to him. He has been instrumental in documenting the historic events that led to the establishment of the EAC and tracing the history of the Commission which has allowed us to produce an accurate historical account of Jamaica’s electoral past.


His service to Jamaica, his distinguished career, humility, dedication, gentle demeanour and his intellect will long be remembered.


The Commissioners, management and staff of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica extend sincere condolences to his family and hope that they will find comfort in the memories of this beloved friend, colleague and loved one.

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