Clarification of Gleaner article published December 1, 2019 entitled 24,000 new voters now in position to help determine next government, specifically the section on DUPLICATES REMOVED

Duplicate registration refers to an attempt to register a second time; it does NOT mean that a person is registered on the Voters’ List twice. This situation occurs when an individual who is already on the Voters’ List applies to be registered again, whether in the same constituency or a different constituency. The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) prevents duplication through strict Quality Assurance measures.

The fingerprints of every person who applies to be added to the Voters’ List are cross-matched with our current database of registered voters. If there is a positive match, meaning the applicant is found to already be on the Voters’ List, he/she is called to a Sitting with the Returning Officer for the constituency to justify his/her intentions for registering again. If the applicant fails to attend the meeting, the application is voided, his/her original registration is cancelled and his/her name is removed from the Voters’ List. However, the individual will have the opportunity to apply again in the future.


Glasspole Brown

Director of Elections

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