Membership of the Electoral Commission is governed by the Electoral Commission (Interim) Act (2006). The Electoral Commission comprises eight members appointed by the Governor General, four selected commissioners, four nominated Commissioners, and the Director of Elections.

The Selected Commissioners
The four Selected Commissioners are jointly agreed upon by both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. They elect one of their members as the Chairman of the Commission.

The Nominated Commissioners
The four Nominated Commissioners has in its membership two members who are nominated by the Prime Minister and two members who are nominated by the Leader of the Opposition.

The Director of Elections
The eight Commissioners unanimously nominate the Director of Elections, who is appointed by the Governor General. The Director of Elections is responsible for the conduct of elections and the day-to-day activities of the operational arm of the Commission, which is the Electoral Office. The Commission has the power to dismiss the Director of Elections by agreement of six Commissioners, three Selected and three Nominated.

The Director of Elections and the Selected Commissioners are disqualified by law to vote in any General or Local Government Elections or Referenda.